Christmas 2020 is bound to be unlike no other in light of COVID-19. Masks, sanitizers, and meter-wide spaces have become a part and parcel of our lives, while travel and other social engagements have either been curtailed or moved online.

Considering how Christmas this year would be celebrated in an appreciative and thankful mood because of what has been a very tough year, ME Colombo has taken steps to ensure that its loyal patrons are able to celebrate with their loved ones with complete peace of mind and under strict safety protocols.

The hotel, which is located in the heart of Colombo, has instituted daily health checks and has mandated frequent hand washing and disinfection of surfaces to ensure the safety of its staff as well as guests. ME Colombo’s delivery service is also operated on a strict set of protocols designed to keep food items fresh, and its customers and staff safe.

Throughout the month of December, customers can order cakes and other festive goodies from ME Colombo and have them delivered to their homes. Baked with love by the world-class chefs at ME Colombo, these goodies are perfect to brighten up a moment with the family and will leave a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to be a guest at your table.

On 24 December, ME Colombo will host a Christmas Eve dinner with a five course dinner menu. Costing just Rs. 5,500 nett per person, the dinner will be accompanied by live Christmas carols conducted in adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols.

On 25 December, ME Colombo will host a festive Christmas brunch. For just Rs. 4,500 nett per person, each guest will be treated to a delicious spread with a special Christmas cake crafted by the master cake makers of ME Colombo. Kids will be granted a chance to meet and greet Santa, and families can dine while the harmonious melodies of a live band permeate the air.

ME Colombo has left no rock unturned in its quest to ensure that ‘Christmas @ ME’ remains safe and enjoyable for everyone. To that end, the hotel has ensured that COVID-19 safety protocols will be given priority at all times. Hence, only limited numbers of guests will be accommodated at both events, and customers can book their tables by contacting the hotel on 0702 686 813 or 0718 554 306.

Ring In Christmas In Safety And In Style With ME Colombo

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